WHAT IS SoftWashing?

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Softwashing utilizes SoftWash Systems  superior low-pressure technology and 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions for your exterior cleaning needs. 

The use of our professional grade, low-pressure applications maximizes the treatment value and is the only process recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF (North America's Largest Roofing Manufacturer) for cleaning asphalt shingle roofs. 

Softwashing is a technique that treats the infection of the stain and lets the cleaning solutions sanitize, doing 100% of the work, killing all mildew, algae, moss and lichens at the root, not just the surface, creating a longer lasting clean.  No damaging pressure, harsh chemicals or heat are needed and uses 1/3 the water than pressure washing! 

Softwashing is better for your home, family and the environment! 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

  • 100% Biodegradable, Water Based, Cleaning Solutions
  • Low VOC Emissions
  • Limited Fossil Fuels
  • Water Conservation – 1/3 of the amount used for pressure washing
  • 12 Volt Powered Electric Equipment
  • Longer Lasting Results = Less Consumed and Less Wasted

Benefits to Soft Washing:

  • Gentle, Low-Pressure Technology
  • Cleaning Method Can Reach 40-80 Feet from the Ground
  • 100% Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions
  • Enhance Curb Appeal 
  • Completely Remove All Bacteria Infestation
  • Decrease Utility Bills
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Add Years Back to the Life of Your Investment
  • Decrease Allergens
  • Only Method Approved to Clean Asphalt Shingle Roofs
  • Longer Lasting Clean
  • 5 Year Spot Free Limited Warranty on Complete Roof Cleaning

Why You Should NOT Pressure Wash

We want to kill the mildew, algae and lichens at the root. Pressure washing only blasts the top layer of the surface, spreading the algae spores and penetrating them more deeply into the surface. This creates more of a problem in the future and will make the bacteria grow back faster!   

Pressure Washing:

  • High, Damaging, Pressure Used (1,500+ PSI) 
    • Soft washing uses 80 PSI 
  • Pressure Applied Inches from the Surface 
    • Greater Chance for Damage 
  • Pressure Washing Should Never be Used on Roofs
    • Can Potentially Void Roof Warranty 
  • Blasts Only the Surface of the Stain
    • Root of Bacteria is Left to Grow Back Faster

We Clean All Surfaces:

  • Roof 
  • Siding 
    • Even Stucco!
  • Deck/Fence 
  • Brick/Concrete
  • Rust/Graffiti Removal
  • Power Washing for Equipment
  • Playground Sanitizing
  • Exterior Gutter Brightening

Softwashing IN ACTION

This green painted home had become infested with mildew and bacteria over the years. Watch as our gentle, low-pressure, and 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions eradicate all bacteria on contact! Safely restore your home with softwashing! 

Why Choose Softwashing?

Watch our video to hear why softwashing is the superior alternative to pressure washing! We specialize in gentle, low-pressure, 100% biodegradable cleaning for your exterior cleaning needs.  

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