Customer Reviews

​Mayor of Prior Lake, Kirt Briggs, on Donation of Lakefront Park Cleaning Oct 17th, 2017

"When I share my experience as Mayor, I start with how unaware I was to the abundance of volunteerism and generosity that defines who we are as a Prior Lake Community. The efforts, while invisible in the past, are so recognized and appreciated today. Yesterday, Jamie and Xtreme Clean Softwash donated a complete clean of our Lakefront Park Playground Equipment. The photos and video  capture the transformation and rejuvenated look now in our park. On behalf of our entire community, Thank You Xtreme Clean for this most generous gift!"

Jack Haugen

"Many people are not aware of the damage that dirt, grime and moss will do to their roof over time. We were fortunate to learn of Bruce and Jamie's new venture with Xtreme Clean Softwash and had them look at our roof. They were extremely honest and indicated that only part of our roof (large garage) really needed their attention so they did the garage only. What a difference they made! It is like night and day and the garage roof which is 19 years old looks brand new and I know it will last longer because of this cleaning. Honesty, integrity, hard work, and excellent results spell Bruce and Jamie Boe! I will be recommending them to all of our friends and insurance clients!"

Designed Cabinets of Lakeville

"We hired Jamie & Bruce to clean the retaining wall's at our office. Jamie was extremely quick to respond back to me and come out to give us the estimate, along with detailed information about their process and everything used. As soon as we gave the go-ahead they got us right on the schedule, and sent us pictures shortly after we were done. It was a painless process, and they were so great to work with! we would recommend them to anyone we know! We will absolutely give them a call in the future!"​

Colleen Nelson

"We couldn't be happier with the results of cleaning our stucco home, garage, brick patio and stepping pads. Xtreme Clean Softwash were the consummate professionals throughout the entire process. From the prompt and attentive site visit/estimate to the cleaning of the many elements of our home. The staff's attention to detail was incredible. They were careful to cover the landscape and plants while cleaning, and advised us when encountering unforeseen challenges. I believe the before and after pictures speak for themselves. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Xtreme Softwash to friends, neighbors and family. They're fantastic!!"

City Manager of Prior Lake, Frank Boyles, on Donation of The Ponds Park Cleaning Oct 23rd, 2018

"On behalf of the city council and the thousands of users of the Ponds Park Play Equipment every year, Thank You Jamie, Bruce and Kathie for your donation of cleaning the Ponds Park Play apparatus!!  This is among our most popular and populous play equipment so the cleaning will benefit many!  After your hard work everything looks brand new!  Thanks Again."  See photos and video

Sue Gilbert

"Jamie and Bruce cleaned my siding, roof and gutters yesterday and WOW what a difference! They were very detailed and took their time doing an exceptional and thorough job. They care for your landscaping making sure to cover plants close to the house and even rinsed and fertilized everything afterwards. They cleaned my hose-reel box too which was a nice surprise! It looks new again along with my siding - very bright and clean. Highest quality company and services!"

Naomi P.

"We're so very happy with our experience with Xtreme Clean Softwash. Jamie and Bruce are a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Our house looks like new. They showed us what came off - algae, mold, mildew that had been growing over time. The last couple of wet years and the canopy of trees over the house made it the perfect breeding ground for unwanted muck. Muck is all gone and we love that."

Dave Gratz

"Awesome experience with Xtreme Clean Softwash.  Top notch professionalism from start to finish.   Jamie and Bruce's passion for their company is very apparent, and they have the highest business ethics and standards of any company I've ever used.  The results were terrific- our 20 year old home looks brand new- it just pops!  If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!  Give them a try- you will not be disappointed!!"

Jackie Lutter

"Excellent service! Prompt, responsive, thorough, thoughtful, helpful follow-up. This is one of the best home service-related providers we have worked with in years. Truly outstanding customer service. They worked for many hours on our house and it looks terrific. Jamie is extremely helpful and seems to really care about doing a great job. The service level is remarkable!"

Judy Lemke

"Xtreme did an amazing job of getting my house siding, decks & sidewalk looking like new. Needed work done to help in the sale. I'll be sure to get a buyer now!! Thanks for working me into your busy schedule. You will get lots of recommendations from me."

Jon Buyck

"Thank you very much for cleaning the roof on my Aunt's house.  Sold the house, your service made it possible, changed the whole rear of the house.  What you did totally exceeded our expectations! Thanks again!"  

Sheila McNeill

"Thank you for the amazing work on our home's siding today. We went from "green" to clean and the house literally looks like new! I would definitely recommend Jamie and Bruce to anyone for their professionalism, their work and their fabulous care and clean up following the job. Thumbs up!" 

Randi Paschke

"I just wanted to thank you both for the great job you did!   The house looks so clean in the sunlight and no more streaks coming down the stucco.   Yay!   You were both so great to work with and the communication was awesome.   I will definitely let everyone know about your company, your outstanding service and awesome workmanship."

Tonya U.

"10/10. Fast, efficient, considerate, respectful people. I live on well water with almost poisonous levels of iron. I contacted Xtreme Clean to softwash my outdoor concrete areas and to remove rust stains throughout my property. The before/after photos speak for themselves. Big attention to detail. Helped me move outdoor furniture, they even took out my trash for me because they saw a garbage truck driving by! Fundamentally good people, use them."

Kristine Hall

"I live on a heavily wooded lot. Our house had streaks on the roof and filthy siding and soffits. Xtreme Clean made our house look brand new. They went above and beyond my expectations. And their customer service is top notch! I highly recommend them!"

Mike Marrinan

“After 12 years of living in our Townhouse the back of the house looked really bad! Xtreme Clean came out and scheduled a complete exterior cleaning. When I came home today, I was blown away by how good the house looked, it looks brand new. Their hard work and professionalism are off the charts. Without question I would recommend Xtreme Clean Softwash to anyone ...they are the best!! Thanks so much what you did for us!!

Roger Toomey

 "Xtreme Clean did a great job of removing rust from our driveway, paver paths, and bricks. Jamie and her Dad were extremely detail oriented and insured that the job was done well. The before and after pictures of the process are almost unbelievable. We highly recommend their services and their dedication to the work"  

Julie - Board President Prior Lake Townhomes

"Xtreme Clean's excellent team did an awesome job on our town home complex. The units were dirty and had areas covered with green mildew. Literally watched the dirt and mildew disappear like magic after the solution treatment. After the rinse, the units were bright and clean. Would highly recommend their services." 

Darrell - Prior Lake Wilds Homeowner

"If you are looking for someone to clean the outside of your house, strongly consider using Xtreme Clean Softwash.  They recently completed my stucco home, patio and paver stone driveway which was 24 years old.  After completing the job, it looks as it did when it was built.  This professional team from a locally owned Prior Lake company completes the work using the proper materials and equipment.  They perform the work themselves, not through some sub contractor.  Their communication before, during and after the cleaning process was beyond my expectations.  I expected a perfect job and I got what I paid for.”