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Watch our time lapse video of our gentle, low-pressure system, and 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions disinfect and sanitize all the bacteria infestation on this home

 "Awesome experience with Xtreme Clean Softwash.  Top notch professionalism from start to finish.   Jamie and Bruce's passion for their company is very apparent, and they have the highest business ethics and standards of any company I've ever used.  The results were terrific- our 20 year old home looks brand new- it just pops!  If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!  Give them a try- you will not be disappointed!!" 

~ Dave Gratz ~

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Why Choose SoftWashing?

Watch our video to hear why softwashing is the superior alternative to pressure washing! 

The Softwashing difference

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The Risks of Pressure Washing

  •  High, Damaging, Pressure Used (1,500+ PSI) 
    • Soft washing uses 80 PSI 
  • Pressure Applied Inches from the Surface 
    • Greater Chance for Damage 
  • Pressure Washing Should Never be Used on Roofs
    • Can Potentially Void Roof Warranty 
  • Blasts Only the Surface of the Stain
    • Root of Bacteria is Left to Grow Back Faster

The Benefits of Softwashing

  • Gentle, Low-Pressure Technology
  • Cleaning Method Can Reach 40-80 Feet from the Ground
  • 100% Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions
  • Enhance Curb Appeal 
  • Completely Remove All Bacteria Infestation
  • Decrease Utility Bills
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Add Years Back to the Life of Your Investment
  • Decrease Allergens
  • Only Method Approved to Clean Asphalt Shingle Roofs
  • Longer Lasting Clean
  • 5 Year Spot Free Limited Warranty on Complete Roof Cleaning

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It's Not just "dirty", it's infested!

Harmful Bacteria Shortens the Lifespan of Your Investment

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Our SoftWash Systems process completely removes all mildew, algae, moss, lichen and other bacteria infesting the surface of your property.  These harmful organisms not only look bad, but they also eat away at the surface, decomposing your investment.  

With our gentle, low-pressure system, and 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions we eradicate these micro organisms, with no damage, and create results lasting longer than pressure washing. 

Quickly add years back to the lifespan of your property which increases the value at a fraction of the cost of replacement!

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Safe Rust removal

Your Professional Rust Removal Applicator!

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Rust can come from a variety of sources and cause an unsightly look on your residential or commercial property.  The proprietary biodegradable solutions we use remove more stains than any other product and works on virtually any surface!   

"Xtreme Clean did a great job of removing rust from our driveway, paver paths, and bricks. Jamie and her Dad were extremely detail oriented and insured that the job was done well. The before and after pictures of the process are almost unbelievable. We highly recommend their services and their dedication to the work" 

~ Roger Toomey ~

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